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I've had the distinct pleasure of working with Ms. Bond for years. She is very detail oriented, prompt and very easy to work with. [While she was managaging the Sleep Center] my patients all had nothing but the best things to say about the quality of work provided by Ms. Bond. If I had questions about a study or asked her to review a study for me, she had a great attitude. I recommend Ms. Bond without reservation.       

Michael V. Abene M.D., P.A., DABSM Diplomate Sleep Medicine

Scott E. Spencer M.D., F.C.C.P., P.A., Diplomate Sleep Medicine

I've had the privilege of working with Lisa for 11 years. [She] has made sleep medicine one of her life's missions. She is an expert in all phases of polyomnography and sleep lab management. I would recommend her without reservation. 

Dr. Gerald "Jerry" George, MMBS, RPSGT, RST

I've had the pleasure of meeting Lisa and I saw her develop a small sleep lab into a large muli-faceted sleep program.  On top of all this, she led the entire sleep team, which included technologist, manager, and physicians, into a successful AASM accreditation of a sleep center, all within a strict timeline. She has been known to personally mentor her staff in order to guide them to succuess.

I believe Lisa was a tremendous asset to the Sleep Center and sleep program as a whole. 


2010 - present

Carol Gasckamp RRT, RCP

Supervisor of Respiratory Services    Medi-care Equipment Specialties, Inc. 

Lisa is extremely knowledgeable in the field of sleep medicine. She is very detail oriented in her work. Physicians and referrals acknowledge her proficiency and thus the credibility of her department as well. She is compassionate with the patients that she serves and expects no less from her staff or the professionals that she works with. 

2010 - present

Cynthia Nesser

Sole Proprietor  C1 Create

Lisa is a "get things done" person who has the added benefit of a wonderful personality.  She empowers the people around her to work well with other, take the high road in disputes and accomplish their goals for the team.  An animated person, Lisa has the energy and attitude to motivate all the folks around her. If she does not know how to do something she is the first to admit it and ask for [expert] help.

Ivan Salinas RST, RPSGT, BS

National Operations Manager  Advanced Sleep Health, LLC.

Lisa Bond is one of the best remote scorers I have ever used. When she started she had never scored Rembrandt or Sandman studies, but quickly adapted to them.
Lisa is also adapts her scoring to the individual interpreting doctor’s preference and puts out reports tailored to each patient and each reading MD. She keeps in contact with the doctors so that she can give them the best service possible. Lisa even takes the time to hand adjust our reports to reflect the pressure changes for ASV and when needed will hand calculate data and fix charts.

Her turn-around time is well above what we expect and she is always willing to stop current work to score a STAT study for us.
Because Lisa is a former lab manager, her knowledge and skills are brought into play. I never have to worry about the studies she is assigned. She's able to prioritize her studies for type and location. In addition, she helps us maintain productivity by emailing the appropriate staff to let them know which patients will need to return for a titration, the type of titration needed, and who needs to be set up for DME. My DME staff always appreciate the heads up that a DME is coming and especially that Lisa will include the modality, the likely pressure, and even the insurance carrier information. This greatly streamlines their job.

Lisa also maintains and sends in QA reports on the individual techs acquisition performance. She has reached out to help train techs to do better titrations; offering her knowledge willingly. Even though Lisa is a contract employee, she takes a team attitude towards our company and works diligently to make sure we look good

Dale McCullum

SE Texas Sales Representative  Fisher and Paykal Healthcare

Lisa is a very focused and driven person. She manages her employees well and all enjoy working for her. Her primary goal is patient care and [she] strives on achieving that goal.

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