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What Is A Sleep Specialist?

Sleep Specialists are not just doctors who treat sleep disorders. Many doctors, including your General Practitioner at times do treat some types of sleep disorders or even manage them after you are diagnosed. A Sleep Medicine Specialist is a physician that has taken as past their boards in the medical specialty or subspecialty in sleep disorders. Many types of doctors can and do go through the extra training to be a Boarded Sleep Specialist. You can find many Pulmonologist, ENTs, D.O’s, Pediatricians and even Psychiatrists may have added additional training to become boarded in Sleep Medicine.

How do you know if you’re seeing a board-certified sleep specialist? The fastest and easiest way to know is to simply if they are board certified in Sleep Medicine. Someone who is will quickly tell you what credentialing board they got their sleep specialty under, when, and likely have a framed credential up in their office.

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