Clinical Sleep Educator

Having been diagnosed in early 1990 with OSA I have many years personal experience with PAP Therapy and interface devices.   

Because of the severity of my own OSA and my own secondary sleep issues, I understand the need for your patients to be treated quickly and for them to be educated. 

I attended the first BPRT Sleep Educator Program validating to me something I have been doing for years.  I personally know the difference education can make in a patient being able to comply with their sleep medicine therapy.

I love, educating patients so that they can succeed and have been tapped many times over the years to help physicians and DME companies with some of their more difficult patients.   It is easy for me to make that personal connection that helps the patient to listen and learn, and for me to hear and understand what their issues are.

Remote Scoring and Consulting

I love remote scoring studies. No two are ever exactly alike. Having scored analog as well as digital I can truly say that this portion of the sleep medicine field has come a long way.  We are seeing changes in the way we score with new and updated rules coming out every couple of years now. 

Scoring studies is as much an art as a science. All of us have slight differences in our brainwaves based on our age, medications and medical history.  I strive to make adjustments to fit each patient and reading doctors needs. 

Having been in the sleep medicine field working nights, management, and remote scoring, I have years of experience to draw upon to help you and your sleep center to excel.

Need someone to score your studies? Looking for policies and procedures?  I can help you. 

I also am available for one on one tutoring to help individuals improve their skills.

Personal History

Like everyone, I started out in the field of sleep medicine on nights and was basically trained on the job. I quickly excelled and moved up into leadership positions and eventually management. 

I was originally a floor tech in the field of Respiratory Therapy where I was cross trained to be back up in the EEG lab.  When I became interested in sleep in 1990, I started taking any and all classes, programs and education in the field I could find.

I worked closely with all of my doctors and was mentored by a neurologist who was also a diplomte in sleep.  He taught me to look at sleep from the view of RT, EEG, and as a Sleep technician, as well as a patient. He then worked with me and gave me an understanding of what a sleep physician looks for.  I have worked on analog as well as some of the earliest digital systems along with many other sleep platforms.  All of this has worked to give me a very well rounded understanding of sleep medicine that I have molded into a cohesive and unique perspective.

RPSGT # 2537

RST # 246

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